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Hand-Crafted in Houston, Texas

Passionate about the craft distilling movement, our team set out to raise the bar with a local distillery focused on creating the very best spirits. We marry tradition, local ingredients and innovative distilling techniques to create spirits that remain true-to-form and never fail to delight. It's been a long journey but we're proud to call Houston home. We invite you to book a tour and come visit our location in North Houston to learn more.

Our Spirits

Texas Vodka

Surrounded by the majesty of Texas, the never-ending skies and the open lands, we found the inspiration to make this modern Texas Vodka. Vodka with unlimited possibilities.

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London Dry Gin

Botanical expressions to enliven your senses with a smoothness to delight your palate. This is gin at its finest, unveiled only through the most progressive distilling techniques.

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Meridian Gin

What if you could bottle a moment? The fleeting beauty of sunbeams kissing fields of Texas bluebonnets, the Spring air fresh and full of nature’s revival. With Meridian Gin, this is our endeavor. Botanicals picked at the peak of perfection, distilled for you to discover a flavor that blossoms.

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Texas Whiskey

100% Texas Grain-to-Glass will start aging in 2021 for perfection

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Meet Our Team

Sean Anger

Founder - Growth, Development and Red Stapler Location Services

Sean found his way to Houston in 2011 and quickly made it home. He met the lovely Michelle here and has grown to love Houston. He says he’s a people person so we put him in charge of growth, development and locating errant staplers. The jury’s still out.

Michelle Anger

Founder - Branding and Site Development

Born and raised in Louisiana, Michelle’s called Houston home for the past 7 years. She’s quite adept at branding and is hard at work on the interior design of our distillery. She seems fond of Sean so she might have questionable judgement.

Shaun Baker

Partner - Computer Nerd

Shaun was never short of providing business advice and ‘help.’ The team found that generally quite annoying so figured bringing him onboard and busying him with all the computer stuff would keep the peace.

Stephen Scherer

Sales Guy

Stephen isn’t exactly the most serious guy in the room (even when he’s the only person in the room). Conversations with Stephen can evolve from joking around to incredibly sincere in the blink of an eye and back to a snarky comment in seconds.

Maple the Dog

Moral Support

Woof! Maple is a dog of some questionable breeding. Whatever her origins, she serves as the unofficial mascot and keeps us all motivated. Honestly, she’s probably the reason we’re still (mostly) sane.

What Makes Fox & Seeker

Most Recent Content

By: Sean Anger on April 21, 2021

Flavorless, Colorless, Odorless, Oh My!

I was wrong.

By the old definition in the Federal Government’s “Standards of Identity” for distilled spirits, Vodka has to be flavorless, colorless, and odorless. Last year, the TTB rescinded that requirement – now I know why. If you would have asked me a year ago about Vodka, I would ignorantly tell you “all Vodka is the same – similar, at best”. I have friends who will hold me accountable if I try to claim otherwise!

#beaseeker  #vodka 
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By: Sean Anger on April 1, 2021

It’s so early, your head is in a fog.

At 2:15AM, it seems to take more energy to turn off the alarm than to roll out of bed. Once I force myself to wash my hands and pop in my contacts, the cobwebs start to clear. The pursuit takes over. It’s vodka day. I’ll be at the distillery until 8:30PM.

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By: Sean Anger on December 27, 2020

FAQ: How Many Times is Fox & Seeker Vodka Distilled?

If you’re expecting an answer like: “Distilled six times for exceptional quality and a smooth finish”, you won’t find it here.

That tag line took me exactly 24 seconds to come up with - I timed it. While it makes for great marketing, the technical basis for the claim is weak. In fact, there’s no way I - or any other distiller - can prove how many distillation cycles our product(s) actually go through.

To get to the root of this marketing spin, let’s first start with the question: what is a distillation cycle? Most consumers believe the tag line above represents the number of times a batch is run through a still. The more times distilled, the more pure the vodka must be, right?

#vodka  #faq 
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By: Sean Anger on May 25, 2020

Remember that negative gin experience you had in college? Put that aside for a minute; I wouldn’t want these next few paragraphs to be clouded by a time when you thought Natural Light was a great beer.

Bright, Crisp, Lemon, Pine, Floral.

That’s sommelier-style speak for a London Dry Gin. That’s right, no “new garden hose” or “fresh rubber tire” aromas, here.

#gin  #beaseeker 
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