London Dry Gin

Much like India Pale Ales aren’t always made in India, London Dry Gin represents a style of gin that can be made anywhere. I believe there’s a reason you don’t find a lot of American-made London Dry Gins – they’re deceivingly tough to make well. Our version of London Dry Gin utilizes the same base distillate as our Vodka, providing a clean Texas-grown foundation from which to build our botanical influence. We’ve developed a botanical bill that is small, but uses each botanical intentionally in a way to support the end product. This gin is wonderful neat, but is made specifically to work well in cocktails. Rather than get “covered up” by mixers, this gin complements them, creating cocktails that are greater than the sum of the parts.


Spirit Profile


Our Grains

  • Texas-grown Yellow Dent Corn
  • Texas-grown Soft Red Winter Wheat

Our Botanicals

  • Juniper
  • Coriander
  • Our Secret Botanical Blend

What to Expect

  • Nose: Reminiscent of hikes in the Hill Country, you can expect vibrant and fresh notes of Cedar, Spruce, and Lemon in perfect harmony
  • Palate: Light berry notes on the front of the palate lead to a nice warmth in the middle that transforms to a pop of lemon-pepper. The sweetness is balanced nicely with a subtle earthiness that gently pulls all of the flavors to the back of the palate with a refreshing, inviting finish.