Stephen Scherer

Sales Guy

Stephen isn’t exactly the most serious guy in the room (even when he’s the only person in the room). Conversations with Stephen can evolve from joking around to incredibly sincere in the blink of an eye and back to a snarky comment in seconds.

Stephen tells our story and gets the spirits into consumer’s hands. He has a rich history in beverage distribution, Social Marketing, Live Music, Technology and having an all-around ‘Groovy’ time (Groovy is his favorite word, we have no idea what to make of this situation. The employee handbooks has no provision for termination due to favorite words). If you meet him, make sure you have a spare 5, 10 or 30 minutes to chat; there’s really nothing he’s not interested in delving into despite having no proper qualifications to comment. He also does an impressive impression of Clifford Claven from the Cheers sit-com. Stephen reports directly to Maple. Maple is less-than-enthusiastic about this development.

Journal Entries

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