Shaun Baker

Partner - Computer Nerd

Shaun was never short of providing business advice and ‘help.’ The team found that generally quite annoying so figured bringing him onboard and busying him with all the computer stuff would keep the peace.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Shaun left at 18 to attend West Point and serve as an Officer in the Army. He’s lived in Seattle, New York and Houston and time overseas in Baghdad, Sendai, South Korea and elsewhere. He’s proud to make Houston my home again and is excited to help bring locally crafted spirits to Houston.

At Fox & Seeker, he handles the mechanics of marketing, social media outreach and all things IT. He served with Andrew and Analise while in the Army and met Sean and Michelle upon his return back to Houston. When not helping out with the distillery, he runs IT Operations for a major energy company here in Houston.

Journal Entries

By: Shaun Baker on May 18, 2019

So, by now, many are wondering why our products aren’t yet to market. Well in recent months, we’ve been working hard to get our business operational to support craft spirits in Houston. We’ve procured our equipment, designed our bottles, participated in training courses for recipe development, etc. All of this is needed, but it means nothing without a location to manufacture. Unfortunately, we’ve run into several obstacles in securing a location. A guiding principle of ours in transparency, so we’d like to share with you some of the struggles.

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